GERA is pioneering a simple and safe approach to harnessing nuclear energy

New clean energy technology is needed to alleviate the unsustainable dependence on fossil fuels, the environmental consequences of climate change, and the uncertainties in energy security

GERA’s technology fills these needs and exceeds clean energy technology aspirations

ACE Engine power plants are:

Economical in nearly every energy market, producing low-cost energy without the need for government subsidies or policies

Safe for the biosphere, providing reliable and flexible power without public risk, pollution, or energy supply disruptions

Scalable to the global energy demand, rapidly displacing the current dependence on fossil fuels and supporting the increase in future demand

Deployable across all energy sectors, integrating into the existing energy infrastructure and utilizing established energy industry capabilities

Sustainable for millennia, efficiently using uranium resources and having no foreseeable material supply constraints


9 February 2023

GERA obtains a US Patent for the, “Method of using nanofuel in a nanofuel internal engine"

GERA receives a patent for a method of using nanofuel in a nanofuel internal engine. This patent covers the nuclear fuel, called nanofuel, used in a nanofuel internal engine and reveals how the nuclear fuel is inherently safe due to a negative temperature coefficient of reactivity.


30 June 2022

GERA receives a second National Reactor Innovation Center grant to develop processes for using nuclear waste in the ACE Engine

GERA receives a second Idaho National Laboratory (INL) National Reactor Innovation Center (NRIC) grant to support the development of processes for recovering actinides from commercial light-water reactor (LWR) spent nuclear fuel (SNF) for eventual use as nuclear fuel in the ACE Engine advanced reactor concept at the Argonne National Laboratory (Argonne). Argonne maintains expertise in solvent extraction processes designed to recover select elements from many nuclear waste forms. The scope of work includes both actinide recovery from LWR SNF and actinide preparation for use in the ACE Engine.


8 June 2021

GERA partners with the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory to develop advanced nuclear power system technology

GERA and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) enter into a Strategic Partnership Project (SPP) agreement, “to develop a mature advanced power system technology that could have profound national and global impact on energy, national security, and the environment.” This partnership enables GERA to tap into LLNL’s world-class expertise in designing, building, and testing one-of-a-kind nuclear technology.