we encourage a culture that inspires energy innovation and inclusive collaboration to deliver innovative energy solutions with global impact potential

a message from the Founder

Energy plays an important role in our society. For example, it is necessary to generate electricity for a growing number of applications, provide clean water and sanitation services, grow and harvest crops, raise livestock, move around the Earth and beyond, deploy infrastructure, support healthcare, manufacture goods, power heating and cooling systems, and perform countless industrial processes. Energy makes our life better in many ways.

Fossil fuels provide most of the energy that we consume and this trend will continue until a change in the global energy system occurs. While this change is inevitable, we have a choice to be either reactive or proactive agents of change. Simply reacting to the unsustainable dependence on fossil fuels, the environmental consequences of climate change, and the uncertainties in energy security with near-sighted efforts will have a profound negative impact on our society. I founded GERA to be proactive and improve the global energy system through energy innovation.

GERA encourages a culture that inspires energy innovation and inclusive collaboration to deliver innovative energy solutions with global impact potential. Our innovative culture builds on the attributes that once made large corporate research laboratories successful. We focus on bringing the right ideas to market. Our collaborative culture seeks to accelerate market penetration through partnerships. We actively engage National Laboratories and Universities to perform research and development activities, and we engage the energy industry to deploy power plants.

Thanks to a decade of support from investors, partners, and numerous interested parties, we are now in a position to rapidly commercialize a revolutionary clean energy solution called the ACE Engine. The ACE Engine is a simple, safe, and efficient machine that provides low-cost energy. It functions like a common internal combustion engine, but uses nuclear energy instead of chemical energy. It is scalable to the global energy demand, deployable in all energy sectors, and sustainable for millennia. It will enable a smooth transition from fossil fuels before mid-century and improve the quality of life for present and future generations around the world.

I encourage you to learn more about our innovative energy solutions, join our effort to improve the global energy system, and help make the world a better place.

we are accelerating ACE Engine power plant deployment through collaboration

national laboratories and universities

we collaborate with national laboratories and universities to perform basic and applied energy research and development projects

we leverage state-of-the-art resources and big science capabilities at national laboratories

we work with universities on workforce development and long-term research efforts

energy industry

we collaborate with the energy industry to deploy power plants

we work with customers and governments to identify energy opportunities

we engage project finance and investment groups, vendors and manufactures, EPC (engineering, procurement, and construction) companies, utilities, and regulatory agencies to design, build, and operate nuclear power plants